Michele Dawn Art Designs is committed to achieving excellent work that is unequalled in the decorative finishes arts industry. Each project is custom-designed, unique to the homeowner, and to the room itself. By using only the highest quality faux finishing products and supplies, Michele Dawn Art Designs is devoted to providing our clients with the best that they can get.
Michele Dawn Art Designs, Newport Beach, California
Michele Dawn Art Designs is the studio of artist and designer Michele Dawn.
We are happy to provide you with the benefit of our experience, and make your space reflect what you want it to. If you are a designer, we work hard to assist you in the creative process. We give careful consideration to the personal styles of each designer, and the preferences of our clients, on each and every project. Rarely do we start a job without creating custom samples an sketches. We will bring out the best that your home has to offer.
We bring custom design and color ideas into each new project. We take time to prepare — in the designing of samples, color schemes, and overall theme of the job. We are in the business of beauty, and we maintain high standards for our workmanship and interpersonal relationships. We enjoy creating beautiful and elegant spaces, using color and texture. Whether it is a unique wall glaze, or a French antique finish on a piece of furniture, we bring beauty to any surface.


Mathurin Art #2A On White Sand

Why do I create a body of work in a contemporary style, and then sign in my family name Mathurin?

Well it's simple. After a 42-year successful run painting trompe l'oeil, still life, decorative designs in oil, acrylic and watercolor, it is the next phase. Something new. A genre not yet explored. It's been freeing to let the movement flow across the canvas.

Realism and high-definition was once my passion. Days spent in one area of the painting. Glaze after glaze to achieve exactly what would awe my clients. Which (by the way) included: royalty, celebrities and major players in the business world. Now I paint for the love of creating shapes, color combinations, and mood-evoking journeys via art. I'm doing what I enjoy. 

At a very early age I was Blessed to have had European formal training from amazing artists. The one-on-one instruction was invaluable (to say the least). Some were extraordinary artists that really couldn't teach. Nor did I understand the language. Others could teach but the artistic competence was a bit shy of Master. I was like a sponge learning how to achieve certain techniques in less time, correct and adjust without frustration, and taught with confidence and patience by the age of 20.

Although I have taught and created globally for my 40 years, I've never worked a day in my life for anyone, because I do what I love. It's in my DNA. My interior design projects are all visualized from an artists' point of view. Sometimes created around my artwork but not always. Staying relevant is crucial to my clients.

Design Services

Mathurin Art #8A Fifty Shades of Haze

Interior Design

We specialize in coordinating complex projects. We provide extraordinary services, so that you receive full benefit from your interior design team and specialty contractors. Our services include:

  • Conceptual design, space and furniture planning
  • Home renovations
  • Comprehensive kitchen and bath remodels
  • Architectural detail upgrades, including ceilings, walls, fireplaces, and moldings
  • Lighting design and lighting fixture selection
  • Specifications for tile, fixtures, wall finishes, moldings, appliances, fabric, furniture, art and accessories
  • Color consultation
  • Project management
  • Green design, using sustainable materials
  • Custom Design and Fabrication
  • Furniture, cabinetry, drapery
  • Window and wall treatments

Contemporary Wall Finishes

  • Walls and ceilings
  • Cabinets and closets
  • Murals and decorative art


Mathurin Art

Michele Dawn Art Designs has worked with some of the finest designers in Los Angeles and Orange County, and is available to design and decorate your house – transforming it with her creative talent, unique color expertise, and eye for elegant design.

Design services can include:

  • Spatial design & architectural details
  • Furniture layouts
  • Kitchen & Bath design
  • Built-in design
  • Exquisite contemporary and modern surface finishes
  • Wall treatments
  • Flooring suggestions
  • Cabinet refinishing
  • Window coverings
  • Room makeovers
  • Fireplace remodeling

We offer murals, fresco painting, wall hangings, accessories, artwork, furniture refinishing, gilding, mirror patina, and much much more. The appeal of our decorative art is that it is uniquely yours. It is built to your specifications, to blend with or stand out from your existing décor.

Murals and Trompe L'oeil

Mathurin Art

Murals and Trompe L'oeil projects are always fun and challenging to do. They combine research and skill, and each sketch allows us to improve our ability to meet your expectations.

Artists on all levels are available to work within your budget (see Mural Gallery examples by Michele Dawn). Our talented crew of artisans keeps the designs fresh and fluid.

Trompe l'oeil is a French term which means “trick the eye.” Sometimes called illusionism, this unique style of painting gives the appearance of three-dimensional or photographic realism. It has flourished since The Renaissance, and can be playful or intellectually serious.

We often combine faux and trompe l'oeil techniques to finish or refinish furniture and cabinetry. The advantage to this approach is being able to decide exactly how you want your piece to look. Whether it is a distressed finish (using colors from your décor), or a hand-painted design, you can be sure it will be a one-of-a-kind piece that will be admired for generations to come.

We will be happy to consult with you for any of your professional and artistic needs. Please contact us for additional information.


Mathurin Art #1A La Mar De Malibu

Consultation. A consultation fee is charged based upon travel time. The amount is agreed in advance of the initial meeting and should be paid at that first meeting. This fee is then applied towards your project if you choose to proceed with the proposal.

During the initial consultation, Michele will show you his portfolio and give you many options to think about. These are based on your interior—furnishings, carpet, draperies and art work.

Your space will be measured. Michele will discuss your requirements, and suggest colors, techniques, design ideas, budget, and deadlines. We pay attention to your personal preferences. Sample work will also be discussed at this point. You will then be sent a detailed written proposal for your approval.

If you are working with a designer, both Michele and the designer will visit you and proceed in the way discussed above, except we’ll have the benefit of the designer’s input as well.

Payment. A 50% down payment is required to proceed with your project. The balance is due upon completion of project. For large-scale or multiple projects, the down payment may be adjusted.

Othis Considerations. Our pricing reflects these additional factors:

  • What is the level of detail and complexity of the artwork or faux finish?
  • Is the artwork a large piece (over 100 square feet), or something smaller?
  • Does the design require extensive research or travel time?
  • Does the client already have a design concept, and viable reference materials?
  • What is the quality and stability of the surface to be finished? Does it need surface preparation, patching, priming, or a color base?
  • Where is the surface located? Is it a stairwell, or a ceiling? Is scaffolding is needed, must it be custom-built?
  • Where is the site of the project? Is travel and hotel stay required?

Contracts and Scheduling. After the client approves the rendering or sample board, Michele Dawn Art Designssigns the contract, and schedules the project start date. All jobs are on a first-come, first-serve basis, and are only scheduled after the deposit is received. If you are on a deadline, please let us know this in the planning stage. We are sometimes booked months in advance.


Michele Dawn Art Designs
Michele Dawn Art Designs
Michele Dawn Art Designs
Michele Dawn Art Designs